Precision Metal Group has always and will always push for a “yes sir” approach to provide the best possible service for our clients. If we cannot do it then we investigate why and how we can add it to the business. We use many tools at our fingertips to help with resolving issues such as the internet, Tafe, industry shows, networking within the fields and retired engineers which we still keep in contact with to keep the knowledge alive within the new generation.

CNC Press Brake

The CNC Press brake features high durability, and provides precision bending capabilities. The Press brake main frames are constructed from rolled, stress relieved solid steel to prevent distortion during the bending process and under extreme continuous loads.

  • 3D & 2D operation included as standard
  • Uses a 3rd axis called the beam axis which allows for variable beam openings to increase production cycle time

NC Guillotine

The NC Guillotine has specially designed shearing blades with characteristics of
1. High resistance to wear
2. High resistance to corrosion
3. High resistance to impact
4. High tensile strength

  • Top shearing blade made from quality composite and has two (2) cutting edges allowing minimised down time in blade rotation.
  • Bottom shearing blade made from quality composite and has four (4) cutting edges allowing minimised down time in blade rotation.

CNC Profile Cutting

  • Cutting Table Capacity – 3000 x 1500mm
  • Plasma Cutting Unit – Hypertherm Powermax
  • Thickness Cutting Capacity – 25mm
  • Conversion of any DXF file to Swift-Cut machine code, manual nesting of parts, 2D parametric library, sheet properties and 2D cycle simulation

Plate Rollers

  • Can take 12mm sheets up to 10mm in thickness
  • Roaming peddle for easy operation
  • Section rolls to roll up pipe, angle, channel, flat bar and round bar

CNC Turning

  • 4 axis
  • 780mm Swing Over Bed
  • 630mm Swing Over Saddle
  • 760mm Turning Length
  • 376mm Turning Ø
  • 105mm (±52.5mm) Y Axis Travel
  • 3600 (0.0010 Resolution) C Axis
  • 390kg Main Spindle Capacity, 1100kg Shaft Work Capacity
  • Full 3D Graphical Simulation

CNC Milling

  • 4 axis
  • Working surface – 2150*820mm
  • Maximum table load – 2600Kg
  • X axis travel – 2060mm
  • Y axis travel – 820mm
  • Z axis travel – 660 (820)mm
  • Spindle Speed (gear) – 8000 rpm

Manual Machining

  • Lathes up to 1000mm diametre by 3m long
  • Milling machines carrying up to 2.5 Tonne and 1800 travelling bed

Slotting Machine

  • Maximum Stroke – 250mm
  • Ram Stroke (strokes/min) – 26-36
  • Throat Depth – 350mm
  • Rotary Table Size – 375mm
  • 3-Jaw Chuck Size – 250mm

Hydraulic Press

  • Ideal for the repair of axles, shafts, & press fit of bearings & bushings
  • Strong hydraulic cylinder ensures precise pressing during operation
  • Pressing Capacity – 200 tonne
  • Width Between Front Posts – 1150mm
  • Maximum Ram To Table – 890mm
  • Piston Ram Stroke – 350mm

Radial Arm Drill

  • Drill Capacity – 50mm
  • Box Table Size (LxWxH) – 620 x 500 x 500mm
  • Spindle To Column (min-max) – 350-1600mm
  • Spindle To Box Table (max) – 750mm
  • Spindle To Base (max) – 1250mm

Band Saw

  • Swivelling head for mitre cutting to 45 degree
  • Hydraulic operated carbide blade guides with additional ball bearing guides provides superior accuracy and reduce friction for longer blade life
  • Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system for optimal performance in any material
  • Hydraulic retracting rear vice jaw (feeding vice only) reduces friction from jaws rubbing on material during the feeding process
  • Hydraulic operated carbide blade guides with additional ball bearing guides provides superior accuracy and reduce friction for longer blade life
  • Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock prevents machine starting if vices not securely clamped
  • Synchronised power driven blade cleaning brush removes swarf from blade
  • Full stroke hydraulic vice for quick & easy set-up of jobs
  • Hydraulic swarf conveyor directs excess waste to side of machine


  • MC370PV – This machine can mitre a total of 135 degrees – 45° to the right and 90° to the left enabling jobs to be cut parallel to the vice jaws. This unique machine also incorporates manual flip over dead stop that locate the head at 45° and 90°.
  • Compared to Band Sawing, Circular Sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise, and produces a cleaner cut
  • The Saw Head can be swivelled either direction at various degrees for mitre cutting (Circular Saw), providing excellent precision in angle accuracy


  • We have multiple welding machines along with our fabrication equipment
  • Manual arc & tig machines
  • High amp output Mig machines
  • Subarc welding booms
  • 10, 20, 40 & 80T Rotators allowing pressure vessel rebuilds and manufacturing with easy setups

Punch & Shear

Bar Shear

  • Adjustable hold-down for cleaner cut
  • Single multi-hole hold-down
  • Optional equipment for cropping channel, tee and I-beam sections

Angle Shear

  • Safety guarding around hold-down
  • Easily adjustable hold-down
  • Four cutting edges to all blades
  • Mitre cut at 45º

Flat Bar Shear

  • Easily adjustable hold-down
  • Good visibility to blade line
  • Table support with guides
  • Angle flange trim/mitre to 45º
  • Shaped blade to give minimum distortion

Crane Hire – 20ft Franna

  • Maximum lifting capacity/radius – 20T @ 1.4m radius
  • Main boom – 3.5-11.86 (4 section)
  • Main boom extension – 11.86/15.86m
  • Overall length – 9.670m
  • Carrier length – 6.615m
  • Turning radius over boom head – 11.4/9.7m

EWP – Boom Lift

  • Able to drive and orientate the turret at the same time
  • Tight turning radius
  • Zero tailswing
  • Compact stowed height passes through standard doorways
  • 20m width
  • Working height – 11.7m
  • Platform height – 9.7m
  • Horizontal outreach – 7.22m
  • Maximum lift capacity – 230kg

EWP - Scissor Lift

  • Working height – 7.8m
  • Platform height – 5.8
  • Lift capacity – 230kg
  • Length : 1.88m (6 ft 6 in) and width 0.76 m (2 ft 6 in) allow operation in the most congested areas
  • Outside turning radius 1.80 m (5 ft 10 in) ensures excellent Manoeuvrability

Crane Hire – Crane Truck

  • 24,00 kg gum
  • 8m bed
  • Container pins for 20 & 10 foot containers
  • Oversize permits for 4600mm wide & 4600mm high
  • Escort & pilot vehicles to assist
  • Remote control crane
  • Crane reach: 2.5m @ 5,200kg – 13m @ 800Kg


  • Any height up to 30m
  • SWL = 450kg per Bay
  • Workcover design  registration : PFS 6-114444/08

Vibration Analysis

  • Fag vibration equipment helps fault find and pin point areas needing attention
  • This can help pin point issues allowing you to plan maintenance and avoid break down

Laser Aligning

  • FAG laser aligning equipment to check and align all machinery before commissioning
  • Features spreadsheet reporting history comparison
  • Compact and easy to use in the field