MEDIA RELEASE –April 22, 2019

PMG sparks international attention with new endorsement

PRECISION Metal Group (PMG) has been propelled into the national and international spotlight, becoming the first company in the southern hemisphere to achieve a significant endorsement for its welding practices.

The Western Sydney based engineering company has successfully passed a stringent audit that guarantees its welding procedures to superior international standard.

The DIN 2303 certification by the German governing body, DSV SLV, is an internationally recognised qualification that allows PMG to weld a fleet of military vehicles.

PMG CEO Jason Elias said the audit means the company can expand its repertoire to military products internationally and remain competitive globally.

“This successfully introduces our family owned and run business to the international arena

and opens up a host of export opportunities,” Mr Elias said.

“This is something that hasn’t been achieved at this level outside of the southern hemisphere before and to be unsurpassed like that is something we are very proud of.”

PMG will fabricate and weld components for the Australian Defence Force’s newest fleet of infantry fighting vehicles, with the coveted DIN 2303 endorsement. PMG will now look to make its mark by repeating this achievement overseas.

The highly sought-after German military welding standard officially recognises PMG’s

leading employees, their superior welding skills and the company’s commitment to quality.

“Welding is the heart of our business and unfortunately, as a trade, the industry doesn’t pay

it the recognition it really deserves,” Mr Elias said.

“This goes some way to redressing that and, importantly, to demonstrating our commitment to Australian made products.

“We are passionate about ensuring products are made in Australia and by a new trained generation of workers – that is the focus of our company slogan: servicing a dying trade with a new generation.”

PMG recently became the first – and only – company Australia wide to hold the dual structural steel work fabrication and erection compliance certificate AS 5131 CC3 and the most comprehensive level of welding standards certification, ISO 3834–2.

To achieve both qualifications is endorsement that PMG is operating at the highest industry standards for quality and best practice.