Precision Metal Group has taken its motto to heart: ‘Our Goal is to keep you in Business’. We take into consideration every possible factor which will improve our clients’ business. Thus, we do everything within our grasp to try and make your business much easier for you – either by assisting in any way we can or by providing around the clock support and advice. We even look into areas outside our fields of expertise in order to give our clients the ultimate one stop service.

In a typical business, the relationship between the client and the service provider is limited to the service provider only solving the client’s problems outright. However, things are run a bit differently at Precision Metal Group – in addition to having our expert team of engineers go over your problems and come up with the solutions, we also provide our clients with advice to either rebuild or repair their equipment. This ensures that the clients do not always have to buy new equipment every time one or more of their existing ones cannot function to its full capacity, thus significantly reducing their costs of doing business.

At the client’s request, Precision Metal Group will help them to keep track of their equipment with regular maintenance reports, and notifying them of the necessary changes at the first sign of reduced performance. Identifying the problems early and working to remedy them right away helps us to keep our clients’ costs low and prevent them from having to buy new equipment for hefty prices.

With the help of new software added to our facility, we can routinely monitor your equipment and notify you the instant any action(s) needs to be taken. Upon arrival, our engineers will check the equipment and let you know what kind of issues the equipment is having, along with the costing and scopes. Afterwards we will work with you to get the job done. Before delivering the equipment a full inspection will be carried out, and once it confirms that your equipment is ready to work again, only then will we deliver it.

We allow our clients to focus on further improving their business by helping them keep on top of all their Fabrication, Processing, Welding, Machining, Fitting, Blasting and Painting needs.



Precision Metal Group takes care of all your forming, rolling, cutting and metal fabrication needs with apt efficiency. You can have your fabrication needs checked up on 24/7, either onsite or in our workshop. Building to either your standard or customized order, our samples always include walkways, bridges, specialized machine designs and fabrication. In addition to basic fabrication needs, you can also avail big end pressure vessel and cryogenic manufacturing services and test requirements.



Our processing capability includes cutting, bending, rolling and punching with the help of our brand new range of:

  • CNC profile cutting
  • Highly durable Press Brakes
  • Wear, corrosion and impact resistant Guillotine
  • Band saws with superior accuracy
  • Plate Rollers with roaming peddle for easy operation, and more.



With the help of our industrial and specialized welding and testing, Precision Metal Group is now leading the way in metallurgy and weld inspection. Machines designed to help with your onsite welding needs include diesel generator welders, carbon gauging machines, automatic robot layer welding, water-cooled AC/DC TIG for special welding, Hi Tech aluminum pulse with water cooling, portable compact TIG machines, portable compact MIG machines and many more.



The CNC and Manual machines at Precision Metal Group can turn 1000mm and the milling machines up to 2150mm beds carrying 2600kg. Our onsite machines also offers as much as 1m in the bores and up to 3m in flange facing.



Fitting services at Precision Metal Group ranges from general machinery overhauls to around the clock callout crew services in case of breakdowns and repairs. Our engineering department is also capable of providing laser aligning and vibration testing support.



Equipped with the latest filtration technology and with a capacity of 13m by 3m, any truck able parts can be blasted and painted in our Blasting room.



Painting services follow from the Blasting room, allowing us to complete any truck able items to the clients’ required paint specification.