Precision Metal Group Australia is a family owned and run Mechanical & Electrical engineering services company with industry experience in excess of 50 years under our belt. The company came about after a jump in work across our home country Australia and, ventures in overseas markets.

Achievements in the services sector include;

  • NSW Training Awards for most improved Apprentice awarded by the Department of Education
  • Certificate of Achievement awarded by Hunter Valley Training Company
  • 1st place in the NSW Boilermaking Teaching Association
  • Awarded 8th position in the Work Skill Olympics for Australia
  • 1st place, 3 years in a row from the Granville TAFE College for Outstanding Achievement in Fabrication Engineering
  • Arrium Excellence in Safety 2013
  • Manufacturing Business of the Year 2013
  • Business Excellence 2014
  • Business of the Year 2014
  • Business Executive 2014
  • Young Entrepreneur 2014

Jason Elias, Founder & Director of Precision Metal Group was fortunate to have worked for Transfield when he first started as an apprentice, with very good mentors who steered him in the right direction at an early age which led this company to grow and push forward the younger generation. As the company logo states: supporting a dying trade with a new generation.

With this base core PMG can deliver service, reliability, repeatability, trust and a low cost to the customer to help them stay viable with in today’s market place.

Winning awards for Manufacturing, Business Excellence, Business of the Year etc has increased morale with customers, suppliers and especially the backbone of the company who are the employees.

In today’s world we get spoken to more often about how we do wrong or, how we have to change and make it better, that is good to a point that you evolve the business and correct certain issues. We praise the good but when it comes from the outside into the company the reward is much greater and morale is heightening to another level.

Precision Metal Group is dedicated to WHS and industry training for all staff members to be of the highest standard compared to our opposition within the market and, to also support and encourage all staff members to enter into any Awards or Trade Competitions. A special achievement to one of our employees for being the Winner in the category for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander in the Regional NSW Training Award in the area of Business Services.

Following the Manufacturing Awards win Precision Metal Group has allocated $2,000 per person within the company to use for further education or training to help them grow within our company in turn increasing the company’s capabilities and what we can offer to our clients.

Moving forward PMG will also be launching a Community Support Program by allowing staff to pick any charity they want and have 1 day off every 6 months to go and support the community. This will be paid for by Precision Metal Group and we hope that this will give a big boost to all the staff and the community towards the future.

Precision Metal Group has always had a “yes sir” approach to all clients and within the past 24 months we have signed many deals across the country allowing our business to grow from around 12 staff to just over 45 at present with another predicted growth spurt by the end of 2015 allowing the company to employ another 20 people.

We have been committed for years to provide the best possible service for the best price to our clients, Due to the tough times we are all working with, this has put Precision Metal Group in the sights of many companies to get us in and help them reduce cost and stay afloat. We have had many new companies approach us in the past months with the opening of our new facility which offers our clients more facilities and a 24/7 support all under the one roof at a low cost.

Precision Metal Group has always and will always push for a “yes sir” approach to provide the best possible service for our clients. If we cannot do it then we investigate why and how we can add it to the business. We use many tools at our fingertips to help with resolving issues such as the internet, Tafe, industry shows, networking within the fields and retired engineers which we still keep in contact with to keep the knowledge alive within the new generation as our logo displays.

As a Director of the business Jason always take the time to explain to staff that nothing is impossible and miracles only take a little longer. There is never a way in which a job cannot be done and safety is of importance with all of our clients. What we offer and deliver on is that we investigate, implement and, make sure the job gets done with safety as the main point and keep it at a low cost. We have many tools within the safety industry to help protect and make us all safe, a lot of companies get scared with the red tape and safety word putting them off and not addressing issues costing them a lot of money and closing down industries.

Education and advising staff helps us capture, adapt and carry on with our job making Precision Metal Group a user friendly company and assist in keeping all of us employed. We sit with staff and push certain points in our weekly meetings alongside our tool box meeting with staff members on different customer sites. We offer lunches and dinners at sporting venues to boost morale and push the message that the customer is our boss and the boss keeps us employed. Our turn-over is the biggest measure alongside our staffing numbers which speak for themselves. We have been approached by TV personnel and have also been interviewed with editorials written up on the company by the news papers both local and state.

Customers can rest assure that our prices are covering general costs as well as WHS, EPA and Government Regulation’s we all face today.

Main points covered and resources on hand:

  • Overheads to all Services and Utilities.
  • WHS Training (Confined space, Working at Heights, Rescue, Risk assessment, fire training & EWP) at a minimum.
  • Supervisor’s onsite to help work flow (JSA, WMS & other work permit).
  • Office support to staff in the field chasing last minute parts to keep jobs on target.
  • A 24/7 days a week service on site and workshop
  • Work Utes equip with Oxy/Accet, Welding, fabricating & fitting equipment ready to go.
  • All Appropriate PPE to suit all trades and site requirement.
  • A One stop shop support to meet the market demands.
  • 15 Mechanical Fitters
  • 15 Fabricator Welders
  • 5 Trades Assistance
  • 2 Crane, Rigging and Scaffolders
  • 2 Electricians
  • 5 Engineers & Drafting
  • 9 Management, Project Management & Admin Personnel
  • A One stop shop support to meet the market demands.


Welding machines of all kinds

  • Automatic robot layer welding
  • Orbital welders
  • Sub Arc welders
  • Specialised welding
  • Water cooled AC/DC tig for special welding
  • Big power machines in flux core
  • Hi Tech aluminium pulse with water cooling
  • Diesel generator welders
  • Carbon gauging machines
  • Lancers
  • Light gauge mig in steel, aluminium, bronze
  • Portable compact stick machines
  • Portable compact tig machines
  • Portable compact mig machines


Vessels Manufacturing Equipment

  • Weld Boom-Ideal Arc DC600
  • 8   10 – 80 Ton Rotators c/w Idlers
  • 1   Helium Leak Detector
  • 6   Vacuum Pumps
  • 2   sets of Perlite Hoppers and pumping equipment
  • 2    Cryogenic Storage Vessels
  • A wide range of testing equipment


General Services

  • Confined space assessment and rescue training for PMG employees
  • Working at heights assessment training and rescue for PMG employees
  • Fire watch assessment and training for PMG employees
  • Consulting on cheaper suppliers within the market
  • Consulting on alternative methods to reduce labour time and cost
  • Robotic camera systems to allow inspection without entry to confined space
  • Rescue and confined space equipment
  • Rigging and installation equipment for projects
  • Vulcanising and Ceramic coating equipment and tooling
  • Consignment storage for spares


General Tooling

We have a huge range of tooling to do all your jobs without difficulties at all.  Tooling outside of your ordinary engineering which include; core drills, concrete cutters, concrete mixers, demolition and excavation equipment, rigging equipment, site and work sheds, sand blasting and coating equipment, weld testing equipments, mobile crane truck and service vehicles that we can also offer as dry hire or labour supplied.


Equipment Dry Hire

PMG can offer all equipment and machinery at a discounted market rate to all machinery and equipment within the company. This helps reduce capital spending and ongoing maintenance cost for equipment only used a few time per year.