We have been committed for years to provide the best possible service for the best price to our clients, Due to the tough times we are all working with, this has put Precision Metal Group in the sights of many companies to get us in and help them reduce cost and stay afloat. We have had many new companies approach us in the past months with the opening of our new facility which offers our clients more facilities and a 24/7 support all under the one roof at a low cost.



Fabrication: Precision Metal Group meets all of your Structural, welding and fabrication needs onsite or in our workshop, 24/7. We are compliant and certified to many levels nationally and internationally covering all your requirements. Samples of our work include Structural buildings, walkways, bridges and specialised machine design and fabrication. Our fabrication facility offers your basic fabrication needs and also your most complex pressure vessel and cryogenic manufacturing and test requirements.

Cryogenic Facility


  • Visual inspection and a detailed examination of the vessel to determine the full extent of the repair work required by our engineers. This includes supporting frame, vessel and pipework.
  • A fully equipped workshop to repair internal and external of cryogenic vessels.
  • Frame repairs of ISO containers damaged or rusted.
  • Tank & frame touch-up or blasting and fully repainting the vessel. • Transport certification (CSC) for ISO Containers.
  • Leak and function test of pipework including all valves, safety systems and gauges.
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak test to detect even the tiniest of leaks by our experienced engineers.
  • Design and installation of a cryogenic pump to an existing vessel.
  • Rebuild/modify a cryogenic vessel to customer’s requirements by our experienced engineers.
  • All kind of vacuum problems including super insulation, perlite or other type insulated vessels.
  • Solving vacuum problems, reading and monitoring the vacuum.
  • Vacuum pumping, inner vessel heating for maximum service life.
  • Experienced welders and fitters can completely rework, rebuild and replace existing pipework, valves and safeties to ensure the vessel performs in a safe and efficient manner to the industry standards.


Precision Metal Group does onsite machining and turning in all materials. Our lathe, for example, with 110 mm bore, 3000 mm between centres and a swing of 1000 mm over the bed, offers a big range of machining capabilities. Our 4 axis CNC machines deliver quality and quantity on a daily basis allowing us to reduce cost to the clients and deliver on time reducing down time.

Industrial and Specialised Welding and Testing

Precision Metal Group has just welcomed our new member to the team, helping lead the way in metallurgy and weld inspector. With this new role we will be able to test all your welding requirements, giving you peace of mind, with Australian standards. Available machines for your onsite welding repairs include automatic robot layer welding, water-cooled AC/DC TIG for special welding; big power machines in flux core; Hi Tech aluminium pulse with water cooling; diesel generator welders; carbon gauging machines; lancers; light-gauge MIG in steel, aluminium, and bronze; portable compact stick machines; portable compact TIG machines; and portable compact MIG machines.

Equipment Hire

Ourequipment range allows us to be a one stop shop. We offer a wide range of equipment including cranes, EWP, trucks, scaffold, utes, welding, rigging, mobile workshop and many more. Please check out our capabilities.

Additional Services

Line Boring
We can assist you with onsite or workshop line boring projects, no matter what the surface quality or how small the tolerance with Sir Meccanica Equipment we can offer a range of services.
Profile Cutting
Our plasma, and oxy profile cutters are effective in a wide variety of materials with a bed of 3000mm by 1500mm and up to 32mm plate we can help you.
Onsite laser aligning and vibration analysis testing
We help you to complete your project with equipment on hand and trained engineers ready to test and report. We can offer long term inspections, giving you monthly reporting and reliability reporting.
Workshop Machining
We do every kind of machining, including work in aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel. In the past we have worked on projects for the mining and petroleum industries, railways, aviation, and agriculture.
Machinery Repairs & Maintenance
Look to us for reliability and an instant reaction to get your machinery back on board. We also offer suitable machinery maintenance services, shutdown teams, cost reduction reporting, R&D Services and in house engineers on call for your peace of mind.
Mechanical Engineering Services
Our experienced tradespeople provide all mechanical engineering services, including hydraulics and pneumatics. We train all our staff to have all required tickets on hand to complete the work safely and correctly.