Precision Metal Group (PMG) started in January 2000. As the business evolved, we developed the Mechanical, Structural & Welding Engineering side of our service offering. PMG has achieved significant certifications; IIW certification under the ISO 3834-2, the certification of AS 5131 CC3 and DIN 2303 making us currently the only company in Australia with this complete combination of certifications.

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced engineering advice with state of art designs and tools. PMG specializes in development and construction of new machinery with services including on-site machining, machinery relocation, mechanical engineering services and machinery maintenance.

Structural Engineering

Advanced engineering with structural steel design and fabrication given any specifications. We design and engineer many processes, procedures and methods to create a suitable products to any International or local Standards. PMG fabricates steel structure to AS5131 CC3 and AS4100 covering all aspects of structures.

Welding Engineering

PMG develops and test all welding procedures for different kinds of material, thickness and position with different welding process according to any standard. Providing qualified welders for piping networks, pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tank and steel structure.


PMG supports local Australian SME’s and start up business with consultancy in the field with ISO 9001, ISO 3834, AS 5131, DIN 2303 and more. Our aim is to educate all levels in the industry and to make sure local companies are compliant in an ever-changing industry.

Quality Control

PMG is armed with their own in-house assessors, stringent quality assurance and quality control protocol. This support helps build confidence for clients that precision and quality is at the heart of all offered services. Through regular meetings with governing bodies and adhering to strict compliance of Australian & International standards you know you can trust and rely on PMG.


PMG strives to be the best in its field by providing quality testing services and complete customer satisfaction. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and continually modify our scope of services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our services range in Radiographic Test, Visual Test, Dye Penetration Test, Magnetic Particle Test.

Lift & Shift

PMG make it our priority to deliver appropriate safe lifting and moving solutions for our valued clients to ensure they are up and running as quickly as possible with minimal delay at minimal cost.

When you are dealing with difficult situations like working at heights, over- sized equipment and challenging lifting or moving requirements then PMG has you covered for all your lifting and shifting needs.

Project Management

PMG has dedicated project managers covering Maintenance, Infrastructure, Defence and Construction. We cover design, fabrication and installs (pumps, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, compressors and much more all within required steel structures. We support clients with services in alignment, straightness, calibration and balancing by our specialist staff ensuring that procedures comply to the international codes and standards.

Shutdown Maintenance

PMG offers all clients a 24/7 one stop shop for shutdowns and maintenance.  We are able to deliver over 20 years of experience with safety, time and budgets as our core delivery. We have delivered shutdowns with major steel mills, manufacturing facilities, Defence and infrastructure sectors covering in excess of $20 Million.


PMG meets all fabrication needs onsite and in our workshop. We build to standards or customized requirements. Our services include walkways, bridges and specialized machine design and fabrication. Our facility offers fabrication for pressure vessel, cryogenic manufacturing and structural requirements.


PMG is able to machine a vast range of materials given any specifications. We design and engineer many processes and methods to create a suitable products to any International or local Standards. PMG has capability to machine short runs along with production orders with the added value of onsite in-situ machining.

Blasting and Painting

PMG can blast and coat in house given any specifications. We deliver this process under the PCCP certification along with our quality department which allows us to complete all projects under a one stop shop service. We cover pipeline, piping network, steel structure, specialized machinery, Defence & Rail products, storage tanks and much more.

SME Collaboration

PMG prides itself on quality and compliance with a range of certifications and key Government, Tier 1 and Defence Prime clients. We offer a full turn keys solution and parts processing for all SME to support the delivery to all clients they may have.


PMG delivers multiple services with assurance and compliance to many standards and certification for Australia and International programs. We can deliver CNC machined part, Laser & Plasma cutting components, Rolling of sections, CNC press brakes, Cutting and Processing, Welding, Blasting, Painting, Crane hire and Installation services.


Production Assembly

PMG deliver this process along with our quality department which allows us to complete all projects in our assembly line given our clients a one stop shop service. We cover pipeline, piping network, steel structure, specialized machinery, Defence & Rail products, storage tanks and much more.

Additional Services

Line Boring
We can assist you with onsite or workshop line boring projects, no matter what the surface quality or how small the tolerance with Sir Meccanica Equipment we can offer a range of services.
Profile Cutting
Our plasma, and oxy profile cutters are effective in a wide variety of materials with a bed of 3000mm by 1500mm and up to 32mm plate we can help you.
Onsite laser aligning and vibration analysis testing
We help you to complete your project with equipment on hand and trained engineers ready to test and report. We can offer long term inspections, giving you monthly reporting and reliability reporting.
Workshop Machining
We do every kind of machining, including work in aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel. In the past we have worked on projects for the mining and petroleum industries, railways, aviation, and agriculture.
Machinery Repairs & Maintenance
Look to us for reliability and an instant reaction to get your machinery back on board. We also offer suitable machinery maintenance services, shutdown teams, cost reduction reporting, R&D Services and in house engineers on call for your peace of mind.
Mechanical Engineering Services
Our experienced tradespeople provide all mechanical engineering services, including hydraulics and pneumatics. We train all our staff to have all required tickets on hand to complete the work safely and correctly.