Established in 2008, Precision Metal Group specialises in development and construction of new machinery along with providing top services such as on-site machining, machinery relocation, mechanical engineering services, machinery maintenance, and welding. The company is committed to provide the best possible service at a really affordable price. We have built the company through tough times which is why in order to keep the company afloat and also to gain company satisfaction, we have offered services at low cost. Over the past few years, Precision Metal Group has gained sights of different structural designing companies in order to build a friendly working relationship.

Precision Metal Group consists of the best engineering teams with proper certifications and having an extensive experience in designing complex machinery and also creating innovative equipment.

We believe in taking a disciplined approach that will ensure that the designs are built at a lower risk. Our electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and software engineering teams of Precision Metal Group work together under one roof to construct and develop products with high performance and quality, with better shape, movement, and weight and also at an affordable price.

The mechanical engineering section of Precision Metal Group is staffed with highly trained and experienced experts. The mechanical engineers acquire industrial skills in various types of Mechanical Engineering disciplines. These engineers work together with a set of quality engineering tools in order to create and develop the product and also enhance its fitness and function. Precision Metal Group leverages the state of distinct software engineering tools in order to optimise the performance and quality of the equipment.


It is often said that in order to gain success, one needs to come together and progress their work faster than their competitors. At Precision Metal Group, we aim to provide a wide range of engineering industrial solutions with a tactical and competitive convenience. That is to say by developing a well-organised mechanical engineering solution, decreasing the time-to-market and enhancing the quality of the product. The main focus of the company is to utilise highly optimised mechanical engineering methods while decreasing its manufacturing costs.

Precision Metal Group offers quality electrical engineering services where the engineering team evaluates to develop highly embedded systems for industrial, commercial, medical and consumer implementations. The system ranges from highly complex and exceptional performance networking system to simple and fundamental control systems. The experts in the electrical engineering section have vast experience and knowledge where they assess the general concept of the system and create fully tested and certified equipment for high volume production.

The engineering team also works together to develop additional function and features to existing machinery in order to provide high efficiency, create more room for data collection and improve the machine’s user interface. All the circuit designs of the machinery are developed with a set of highly complex tools. The engineers built different types of circuit design such as prototyping circuits, PCB layout, analog circuit design, digital circuit design and much more. The team creates different types of circuit technologies and applications.

Precision Metal Group has a Manufacturing Engineering Division which consists of engineers having a decade of experience in optimising new products to products. The manufacturing engineering team designs different types of equipment and develops them. Most of the equipments are manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic and also providing customised designs. The company values client satisfaction and which is why in order to provide our valuable clients with the best solution possible, the engineering team works day and night to create high quality and innovative products.

The Mechanical Engineering division of Precision Metal Group is known for developing and designing highly-equipped machinery. The mechanical engineers of this division have created much application with advanced mechatronic which is controlled by embedded processors. The engineers are known to utilise different components of the mechanism such as its chain drives, brakes, engine and much more. With the help of complex Computer-Aided Design tools, the engineers create a superlative design.

A fabricated structural metal company, Precision Metal Group prides in creating and developing top-notch industrial applications. This is a one-stop shop that provides quality service providing around-the-clock on all 7 days of the week.