MEDIA RELEASE – March 5, 2019

PMG Earns Top Industry Certification

PRECISION Metal Group (PMG) has cemented its place as a leader in mechanical and structural engineering with its latest industry certifications.

The Western Sydney based company that specialises in mechanical and structural engineering services, machining, welding and machinery maintenance is the only company Australia wide to hold the dual structural steel work fabrication and erection compliance certificate AS 5131 CC3 and the most comprehensive level of welding standards certification, ISO 3834–2.

PMG CEO Jason Elias said becoming the first – and the only – organisation in Australia to achieve both qualifications was endorsement that his company was operating at the highest industry standards for quality and best practice.

“This is a huge achievement for an SME of our size in a very tough and competitive market that is struggling to attract and sustain trades,” Mr Elias said.

“These certifications go to show that Australia can still compete at the highest international level without losing jobs or compromising quality.”

PMG was extensively examined on its ability to carry out fusion welding of metallic materials to be awarded ISO 3834-2, the highest level of its kind of certification by Weld Australia, the nation’s premier welding certification body.

Mr Elias said the endorsement is why PMG was successful in its recent bid to contribute to the Land 400 Phase 2 project to deliver armoured vehicles for the Australian Defence Force.

Similarly, PMG is able to secure beneficial contracts with the RMS as a result of holding both certifications.

In a marketplace facing an emerging skills shortage, Mr Elias said he was proud to be at the forefront of an award winning company recruiting staff with the knowledge and expertise to be able to keep critical projects from being produced offshore.

“Our goal is to educate the marketplace on why it is important not to turn their back on the local industry.

“As part of the lengthy process to achieve these certifications, we have heavily invested in the employment of additional specialist roles as well as adopted workplace culture changes to streamline our procedures.

“The outcome is that our customers can have the utmost confidence that the products we deliver are of the highest standard and quality.

“We are a company that can be trusted to deliver proficient and quality welding and structural steel fabrication projects to the highest Australian standards.”

PMG has also successfully completed several other industry certifications including the internationally recognised ISO 9001 for quality management that shows the company meets the needs of its customers and others stakeholders; and ISO 14001 which is the framework for PMG’s environmental management practices and OHSAS18001 (ISO45001).

Precision Metal Group CEO Jason Elias (left) and Weld Australia’s Qualifications & Certification Manager Paolo Corronca display the company’s unique industry certifications.