the objective is to provide quality compliance certification for the supply, fabrication and erection of structural steel work to be used in Australia, giving clients the ability to select steelwork fabricators who have been independently assessed as having capability to achieve compliance to the relevant Australian Standards required to complete the Construction Category for their project

How it works:
This standard requires engineers to specify a steel fabrication Construction Category in their project specifications. The Construction Category specifies the correct level of quality and assurance controls to be in place to ensure the structure meets the engineer’s design assumptions and the level of risk mitigation under obligations implicit in the Workplace Health & Safety Act.

The SCA provides the construction industry with certainty that certified fabrication companies have the capability to produce to the compliance requirements of the appropriate Australian Standards to the relevant Construction Categories as outlined by the engineer.

• Fit for purpose based on risk assessment, therefore cost effective.
• Reducing cost of rectification and rework by utilising fabricators proven to meet the minimum requirements of Australian standards.
• Assurance that the steelwork contractor is competent as assessed by an expert process.
• Management of risk and your duty of care under the Workplace Health and Safety Act (safe design of structure).
• Utilizing a steel work fabricator who has invested in training, apprenticeship, systems ad capability over those who quote on price alone.
• Support development of a world class steel work fabrication industry Australia.