MEDIA RELEASE – July 14, 2020

Precision Metal Group develops COVID-19 Decontamination Tunnel

WESTERN Sydney based Precision Metal Group (PMG) has developed a sanitising agent delivery system, ideal for use in COVID-19 situations.
The system can be operated in array of configurations to help prevent the spread of viral illness by sanitising large volumes of people, typical in an outbreak situation.
“Our example product is designed with the aim of sanitising large volumes of personnel in various situations such as (but not limited to); quarantine zones, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, workplaces, public transport hubs etc,” said CEO Jason Elias.
This is done simply by delivering a sanitising agent through a mist which covers all external surfaces on the person inside the chamber, thus preventing the transmission of the virus from surface to surface contact.
“Our product can be configured in ways to sanitise products and equipment using larger or smaller chambers, utilising different agents and delivery nozzles for spray, mist or fog delivery. This is useful for a range of applications where products can be sensitive to liquid saturation. “
“The simple design of the chambers and its components make possible the ability to manufacture, deliver and commission the system in a very short time-frame. This is thanks to the ability to ship the chamber in kit form requiring very basic tools and no prior knowledge to build and commission the system as all instructions are included with the kit.

  • Pricing schedule; Kit price for chamber, 240V fogging unit or Misting system, packaging and shipping. Ready to activate onsite within 30min.
  • Optional extras such as; multiple nozzles, types of nozzle (spray, mist etc), power options (mains, solar, battery), enclosure options (strips, doors)
  • The impact a decontamination chamber such as this can make, has the potential to be significant to both the public and public service personnel, if used in a strategically correct manner. This product a further measure of protection against viral diseases through surface decontamination, in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Decontamination chambers and sanitising agents have already been proven in their effectiveness at the prevention of viral diseases and this is the reason they are found as standard in places handling biohazardous goods. Our solution simply enables this practice to be brought to the front line and where it’s needed the most, faster and cheaper than any other similar solution currently available.
  • PMG has already designed and manufactured the product and is ready to begin the mass manufacture to meet demand. Our Delivery systems must be used with approved TGA products in accordance with your local regulations at all times.

Pricing and capability are as follows: 250 kits per week.