MEDIA RELEASE – July 31, 2019

PMG industry night

On Tuesday, 30 July 2019, Precision Metal Group hosted the Cumberland Business Chamber at their prime workshop in Wetherill Park, Western Sydney. The event represented the culmination of more than 20 years of capability development for an Australian SME that started from humble beginnings and is now being recognised both nationally and internationally as an Australian leader in precision welding and steel fabrication.

“We are using this opportunity to pass on some of the secrets to our success”, said Jason Elias, the CEO and founder of Precision Metal Group, “we’ve always been happy to work with other Western Sydney based organisations to maximise capability development collaboratively. This is another opportunity to do just that.”

Precision Metal Group’s success is being realised through numerous contracts with key Defence Industry and major infrastructure projects, utilising their specialist knowledge in welding and steel fabrication to provide highly specialised components and engineering services for both. This work is already leading to significant growth for the business and opening doors to opportunities for export across Defence and other related sectors.

During the session, Jason shared his thoughts, experiences and perspectives about the power and value for a business in achieving certification against international and nationally recognised industry standards. “These certifications have allowed us to clearly demonstrate our total commitment to continuous improvement, the highest quality products, services and the focus on our customers’ needs and requirements. This third party recognition has allowed us to

win work both across the Defence Industry sector, contributing to the production of highly complex,

technologically sophisticated military platforms, and with the NSW Department of Transport on major infrastructure construction builds.”

“We have been progressively building our capability over time, we’ve certainly learnt some lessons along the way” reported Finance Manager Joanne Uno. “A fundamental part of our culture is that we listen and learn; not just externally to our customers and suppliers, but also internally to our own staff. If I can share anything with other companies, it is to make sure you do that!!”

“It has been an important part of our work with Rheinmetall [a major German Defence Industry producer of military vehicles]”, continued Joanne. “They have really appreciated our willingness to adapt and to continuously improve what we do so that we can better integrate with their processes and systems in their global supply chain.”

But culture and certifications aren’t the only improvements to capability that have underpinned Precision Metal Group’s development and growth. Over the past three years the team have:

Reorganised under specialised Project Managers to coordinate delivery in each of the key business sectors; Defence, Infrastructure and Manufacturing Plant Maintenance.

Introduced new cadet and apprenticeship programs that are driving learning and development with a clear pipeline of talent that is growing through the business.

Upgraded plant with more efficient machining capability, new cranes and mobile support and mobile support and advances to software support.

Further development is underway over the next two years with additional digitisation of machines and upgrades to engineering software, progressing the achievement of Industry 4.0 capability.

The whole team is proud of who they have become and excited about prospects for the future. They are constantly looking for new talent to be part of their team. The culture is very inclusive and very precise. They invest considerable time and effort in helping new team members to come up to speed, through training and on-the-job coaching. The team is always looking to diversify and provide employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. That is why they have a program that is focused on including indigenous employees in the team. Whatever the background the team at Precision Metal Group, the business is fully committed to providing the training and support to help personnel to grow in capability.

“Our team work both offsite and in our workshops, so we need them to demonstrate to us that they have all the skills required and can work in whatever situation. That is why we invest so much in their development and training,” said Dean Redmond, the General Manager. “As a result, our customers trust us to deliver quality products and services for them as they know we truly care and support our people to deliver.”

Precision Metal Group are currently looking for skilled and dedicated employees to join their successful team as they continue to grow and build on their successes.