MEDIA RELEASE – June 17, 2020

Precision Metal Group develops Emergency Deployment Furniture

Precision Metal Group (PMG) has developed a suite of emergency deployment furniture, ideal for use in COVID-19 situations.
The PMG emergency deployment furniture range consisting of beds, tables and shelving units – all of which have been designed with a rapid and cost-effective response solution in mind.
The products are particularly useful where an accommodation solution is needed following a disaster or any other type of emergency or, temporary measure.
“These products are designed to be flat packed, minimising their storage during shipping or when in storage. Simple tool-free assembly enables them to be assembled in minimal time by anyone,” said CEO Jason Elias.
The products are made entirely from steel, making them robust and 100% recyclable.
“Our beds come complete with a foam mattress; each item of furniture can be fully assembled in under a minute. Typical uses include, quarantine zones, hospitals, military barracks, camping, disaster relief etc.”
PMG has already started production of these units and is ready to take orders to meet demand.
Pricing and capability are as follows: Beds 250 kits per week, Stretchers 250 kits per week. | Images available.