MEDIA RELEASE – June 28, 2019

PMG completes key approval program

AWARD western Sydney company Precision Metal Group (PMG) has continued its path to improvement by completing the Transport NSW 12-month pre-approval program.

Completing the program enables PMG to be in the running for high profile contracts on major projects throughout Australia.

PMG CEO Jason Elias said the process to achieve pre-approval included preparing and educating his workforce to gain the necessary certification.

“We are continually striving to gain more certifications. Our training has enabled us to compete for bigger jobs, and ultimately allow our company to take its first step in completing government infrastructure work,” Mr Elias said.

“This is an exciting challenge for us and will allow PMG to showcase our high precision, high quality workmanship.”

Mr Elias added that despite the careful preparation they undertook, PMG were still seen as the underdogs when bidding opened for the job.

“We were subjected to a rigorous audit of our processes and qualifications and were required to meet a stringent criterion,” he said.

“PMG is currently only one of only three companies Australia-wide certified and pre-approved by Transport NSW at CC3 covering fabrication, welding and erection.”

Proud of his company’s western Sydney roots, Mr Elias said it was vital to recognise the rapid growth of the corridor and its effect on the region.

“Giving back to the community by creating job opportunities in western Sydney is a driving force for PMG,” he said.

“This opportunity, despite its small scale, will give us the chance to prove ourselves and will help us continue to develop our skills and education.

“These might be baby steps, but from here we aspire to only get bigger and better.”