MEDIA RELEASE – May 14, 2020

Western Sydney firm develops mobile morgue for COVID-19

THE COVID-19 global pandemic has shocked every nations’ health system, with many countries struggling to cope with not only the influx of infected cases but also management of the deceased.
It has become apparent that an increase in demand on the health system, leads to an increase of demand on the death system.
Precision Metal Group (PMG) has recognised the need for a solution to this issue and has designed a system that can be built, deployed and operated in an effective, time and cost sensitive manner.
“Our in-house designed body bays are made to fit inside any refrigerated container, truck or trailers,” said PMG CEO Jason Elias.
A simple tool-free assembly design ensures that each bay can be assembled rapidly, requiring no tools or prior experience. The modular design allows for any number of bays to work in line with each other, maximising the use of available space.
The roller system enables the easy and fast loading and unloading of body trays which PMG also manufactures.
“Our example solution shows a set of two rows of bays fitted inside a refrigerated standard 20ft shipping container, with each row utilising three bays. Each bay can store up to five body trays, giving this example the capacity of storing up to 30 bodies,” said Mr Elias.
PMG has started production of the stretcher systems and storage and are ready to take orders to meet demand. Pricing and capability are as follows: 150, 20-foot container kits per week, 30 Stretchers for 20-foot container. | Images available.