Lift and shift anytime, anywhere

Time and money, that’s what it’s all about right! At Precision Metal Group, we make it our priority to deliver appropriate lifting and moving solutions for our valued clients to ensure they are up and running as quickly as possible with minimal delay at minimal cost.

When you hire Precision Metal Group to help you with a project, you will be working with a company that goes above and beyond normal customer service levels. That’s one of the reasons PMG makes crane rentals and operators available to you 24/7.

With 24 hour crane rental service, your project can be completed on time and on schedule. If you are working on an existing site, 24-hour crane rental services allow the business to stay open during the day while construction takes place at night.

With 24 hour crane rental service, your project can be completed on time and on schedule
With 24 hour crane rental service, your project can be completed on time and on schedule

Got a difficult job, let us handle it and take the pressure off

Over the years, Precision Metal Group has assisted with access and lifting for a great variety of jobs.

When you are dealing with difficult situations; working at heights, over- sized equipment, and challenging lifting or moving requirements, Precision Metal Group has you covered for all your lifting and shifting needs.

Safety first at PMG

For Precision Metal Group, it’s always safety first.  Dedicated to comprehensive compliance and diligence on all safety and legislation issues. PMG combines experience with access to multi skilled, multi ticketed tradesmen facilitating both reduced labour costs and heightened safety.

For Precision Metal Group, it’s always safety first.
For Precision Metal Group, it’s always safety first.

Getting the job done fast and right

With all their own equipment, conveniently available onsite, Precision Metal Group clients can request delivery at any time of day or night. Cranes, access equipment including EWP and scaffold are all immediately available. PMG equipment range, accessibility and comprehensive service offering allow client projects to hit the ground running, getting the job done fast and right. PMG can make your project simpler and more cost efficient.

Your one stop shop

Our comprehensive equipment range allows us to be a one stop shop. Precision Metal Group offers a wide range of equipment including cranes, EWP, trucks, scaffold, utes, welding, rigging, mobile workshop and many more. Please check out our capabilities here.

Benefits of equipment hire

  • Lower Cost- rental of construction equipment means no upfront capital expenditure. Equipment is ready to go immediately, supported by a team of professionals who will ensure the equipment is serviced, transported to site and setup per your requirements. You can rest assured that your machinery will be offered at a lower initial cost without the hassle of lead times, maintenance provision or additional expense surrounding transport and setup. PMG is versed in OHS and you can be reassured that PMG professionals will guarantee compliance of all staff and equipment utilised on your project. If you are planning a short term or temporary project, crane rental may be the most cost effective choice for your business.
  • Easy operation– when you rent a crane or other type of equipment from Precision Metal Group, you will be provided with machinery that is easy to operate and precisely suited to the job at hand. If you need a crane for a specific type of task, you will have the greatest ease of operation if you rent equipment that has been designed for the job.
  • No maintenance-when you rent construction equipment, Precision Metal Group is responsible for all maintenance and repair procedures. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your equipment is in perfect operating condition maintained by a dedicated team of professionals. The outcome of which is no additional projects costs or unanticipated down time.

Precision Metal Group is a privately owned and operated Australian company. Established in 2000 and based in Sydney, NSW, the company services clients nationally, providing mechanical engineering services and consulting to a broad range of industries.


Precision Metal Group is your 24/7 one-stop shop for metal fabrication, machinery repairs, and mechanical engineering services. Specialising in mechanical engineering services, onsite machining, machinery maintenance, machinery relocation and welding, Precision Metal Group have you covered.

To find out more about the services provided and how Precision Metal Group can help you call +612 9756 4088.