MEDIA RELEASE – October 26, 2021

PMG gets another concrete deal through the hoop

Precision Metal Group (PMG) has renewed their partnership with CSR Cemintel, moving them into over a decade of top job-building service.

After an eight-year stint of maintaining the smooth running of the fibre cement plant in Wetherill Park, PMG will continue their ongoing support with a fresh three-year contract inked last month.

PMG CEO Jason Elias said it has been an uphill struggle for both companies through the pandemic, to now being able to get a concrete deal.

“It’s been a tough journey, and we were in the negotiation and tendering part of that during COVID, where there were a lot of unknowns – is it going to work, is it not going to work, are we going to survive, are they going to survive,” Mr Elias said.  “But now we have another three years on the cards, so it’s good.”

Besides keeping things streamlined, they will carry on providing high-quality mechanical maintenance to CSR Cemintel’s machinery, like welding machines and cement-baking autoclaves.  Vats and sieves, which are used to solidify cement products before being put to market, will also be kept in good working order.

Research and development plays a key role at PMG, as they continue to extend the life of machines, like these vats and sieves.

“The machines come from overseas, they are not Australian designed and made here, so we have done a lot of R&D behind the mechanical components in the vats and sieves,” Mr Elias said.  “This way, we have extended their life by near triple.”

And with the well-oiled plant ticking over, their long-standing client CSR Cemintel can focus more on producing good quality fibre cement board.

Fibre cement is a durable material usually used to cover the exterior of houses and commercial buildings, and to make common building materials like cladding, wallboard, flooring, and ceramic tiles.

Aside from being key to the success of their client in getting these supplies out there to a huge market, PMG have delivered jobs and education too. Trainees have been getting skilled up in real-world talents, like working with the likes of bore mills and autoclaves as part of the service for CSR Cemintel.

“We have pretty much kept the same crew over the past eight years in place, where we have run cadets through there over a two-year period,” Mr Elias said.  “We’ve had a couple of trade mechanical apprentices go through there, who are now tradesmen.”

“The continuous service, and keeping people employed is a plus.”

So with this pact chugging along, it goes to show PMG are becoming a sought-after brand in the construction industry.