The brackets were designed to replace existing brackets which were used to support tolling equipment located within the Cross-City Tunnel in Sydney’s CBD. The need for new brackets arose from the upgrade of existing equipment with newer more technologically advanced equipment. The new brackets had safely and correctly locate the new equipment as well as improve access to the equipment for maintenance purposes whilst maintaining or improving on the safety of vehicles travelling underneath.


How it works

The brackets make use of a specialized track and carrier system to raise and lower the tolling equipment when maintenance is required, to aid with ease of access to the equipment and improve on the safety of carrying out such tasks, the brackets were also fitted with hinges which allows the equipment to be maneuvered to a more suitable location.



There are a number of different brackets, suited to the equipment they were designed to carry. However, one common feature they all share, is the use of a specialized track & carrier system as well as a steel cable winch. The combination of these parts is what the maintenance of the tolling equipment far easier and safer, for both the maintenance teams carrying out such tasks and members of the public traveling beneath the equipment.



PMG were tasked with working alongside one of client’s contractors to fabricate a set of prototypes Brackets, the purpose of the brackets was to establish and if found, correct any design flaws.The project was on a very tight deadline prior to PMG’s involvement, there were a number of design changes and alterations during and after the prototype stages. However, thanks to PMG’s quick response and expertise, the brackets were completed on time.