Machinery Purpose:

Storage Silo to supply the fibre cement manufacturing process.


How it Works:

The awning was designed over both the kaolin and cement silo to help prevent water entering the silo and help with maintenance down time with safety as a key point.


Machinery Features:

  • An enclosed roof and wall to prevent water from the rain
  • Supporting structure to help with lifting equipment in and out of the silo
  • Additional work platforms and areas for safe working conditions at heights



Precision Metal Group developed an affordable and effective awning design to help clients reduce cost and prolong equipment life. 3D modeling was used in the process of overcoming challenges in the design phase. In less than 6 hours, Precision Metal Group installed the hood, which reduced the client’s down time.

Project 4 - CSR-SILO AWNING 03_1

Project 4 CSR-SILO AWNING 02_1