CUSTOMER – Bayside Building Group


The stair case served the purpose of both as a means of navigating through the property’s 5 floors as well as a grand architectural show piece. PMG working alongside with the property’s builder, in order for the client to receive accurate, photo-realistic renders of the staircase installed in its intended location. Thus, ensuring transparency and satisfaction between all parties prior to the commencement of manufacture.


How it works

From the early design stages PMG were faced with a number of challenges, such as the clients’ choice of stair stringer type, the physical confines of the environment where the staircase would be installed in and the load it would have to bear due to the clients’ choice of marble and glass as the materials of choice for the flooring and balustrade panels.



The staircase features a single central stringer giving the illusion of floating stair treads, some of the powder coated steel members can be seen from the underside of the stairs, with the top side covered in luxurious marble further complimented by glass balustrades mounted on stainless steel patch fittings.



PMG were offered the task of designing, manufacturing and installing a large, multistory staircase to be Installed inside a high – profile build residential premises. PMG oversaw the project from concept to installation, paying careful consideration to both the structural and architectural elements of the finished product.