CUSTOMER – Busfood


 In basic terms, the main objective of this project was to build a professional grade kitchen on wheels.
The client wanted to break new ground with the introduction of high-end, restaurant quality food served from a mobile professional kitchen in any location. This meant the quality of build had to reflect both the high quality of the cooking equipment used inside as well as the robustness a catering business of this nature demands.


How it works

From the outset, it became clear that the client was not willing to compromise on the features or layout they had in mind for this build. However, the difficulties in including the extensive list of features, were not just logistical in nature but also of physical as well as legal. PMG had to ensure that the compliance of all relative regulations was met.



The once school bus was successfully converted to Australia’s first professional commercial-grade kitchen on wheels. The kitchen area comprises of; 2x Pasta cookers, a griddle, 6 burner stove, oven, 2x fryers, 3x sinks, custom designed and made extractor hood, 3x fridges and a freezer. The bus is able to serve in any location, thanks to its two 100L tanks of fresh and waste water as well as twin inverter power generators creating enough electricity to power its water & macerator pumps, led lights, air conditioning unit and its two 55” LED screens mounted on the outside. The cooking equipment is all gas powered, the gas being provided by two 19kg on-board gas bottles.
Another key objective was to allow for a further 400kg of payload to be added into the bus as food and drink items, through the use of clever design and material selection, PMG was able to increase the payload allowance to 600kg, a welcome surprise to the client.



This was a wildcard project for PMG however as with any project, regardless of its nature, PMG ensures that there are no compromises to either quality or customer satisfaction. From the beginning, PMG used computer modeling and rendering to visually communicate the desired output of the project with the client and to also ensure the quality in the fit and finish of the end product. PMG consulted with a VSCCS (RTA) engineer, Mercedes-Benz Australia, certified gas & electrical installers to ensure full compliance of every aspect of the build and provide our client with a turnkey product. Busfood has been successfully operating since early 2018 gaining press coverage from both local and national bodies with appearances in Liverpool City Champion, Channel 10 Studios and the Channel 9’s the Today show.