Repairing of columns in lower level car park in club Marconi.


How it Works:

After inspection by our engineers and supervisors, we advised to repair the cracks by specific methods regarding our previous experience.



  • Injection of Sikadur 52 Part A and B for filling the cracks
  • Using vertical and horizonal reinforcement
  • Welding the reinforcement by qualified welders
  • Filling the columns with concrete



  • Inspection before repairing
  • Consultation with the client for solving the problem
  • Using the best engineers and supervisors for completing the job
  • Providing the best material for completing the project
  • Increasing the diameter of columns from 450MM to 650MM according to our calculation
  • Providing engineering report


Repairing of columns1

Repairing of columns2

Repairing of columns3

Repairing of columns5

Repairing of columns6

Repairing of columns7

Repairing of columns8

Repairing of columns9