CUSTOMER – Liberty Onesteel


The purpose of the rebuild is to maintain the assets life and to avoid downtime and disruption to rolling schedules. The shutdowns are planned with Onesteel Engineers and PMG planning department allowing PMG to project manage and deliver on Quality, Safety and Budgets.

On the annual shutdowns PMG has been the principle contract entrusted with furnace as we have had nearly 20 years of experience and knowledge. Maintenance on such critical assets is very important and PMG delivers on time on budget with no LTI’s ensuring we are the team to bank on


How it works

The Reheat Furnace heats up billets of steel and prepares them for the rolling process in the mill. The furnace has a walking beam which allows the billets to be moved across the floor and heated evenly ready to roll out.



Planning, Budgets, Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Decommissioning, Refurbishment, Installation and Commissioning all delivered by our one stop shop team under PMG management. A structure upgrade with Water, Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical services



Structure rebuild on reheat furnace with A full project concept from design to commission with Onesteel Engineers. On time and budget working alongside Furnace refractory team. Decommission of leaking water-cooling systems. PMG manufactured, installed and commissioned the system on time and under budget. Main success was that PMG did all this with no LTI’s.