10 signs post complete structures and in of the signs for the TNR5&6 – S42 Major Signposting package for The Northern Road Stages 5 and 6 projects.


How it works

the signs structures will be carrying the permanent signs boards to the road users and commuters
this is a vital tool for the traffic management of the roads and PMG being a cc3 certified supplier and contractor for those metal signs were selected by CPB contractors and approved by TfNSW to supply, fabricate and install those signs , PMG is very well accustomed and used to such TfNSW projects and had been delivering these projects successfully through the history of our past infrastructure contracts.


the project comprising of 3 numbers double signs posts with a maximum height of 7104mm and 7 numbers for the singular sign posts with a maximum height of 5780mm.
sign boards sheets size ranges from 4002mmby 4221mm and 4708mm by 3820mm, to 2606 mm by 1794mm
the signs structures and the sign board will be installed simultaneously in the job site.


the project contract started 20th April 2020 and will end on 1 APRIL 2021,,the scope will be completed for supply, fabricate install metal 10 sign posts metal structures and their permeant sign boards in the Northern Road Stages 5 and 6 projects.