One of the most important things to keep in mind when running a business is that one must love the industry they are working in. It is a factor which is very easily overlooked by businessmen and manufacturers, yet it is also one of the keys to enjoying a healthy and prosperous business. At Precision Metal Group, we have made it our first priority to ensure that all our work has an ultimate and lasting impact, in addition to satisfying our clients – ensuring the well-being of the manufacturing industry.

To help us achieve our goals, we assist our clients in such a way that their businesses are not only set up in the best possible way, but also that they leave a positive impact on our, to be honest, sleeping manufacturing industry. We employ a “client is always right” approach, as we pride ourselves on being able to give our clients unparalleled service. If, by any chance, we are unable to meet our clients’ demands, we immediately start looking into the matter and explore every possibility of adding that particular service to our list of provided services. However, the chances of this happening are low, thanks to our state of the art equipment and expert staff, consisting of both local and international engineers.

Have a look at some of the services we specialize in:


Fabrication and Pressure Vessels

We will take care of all your forming, rolling, cutting and metal fabrication needs, either at your worksite or in our workshop. Your custom order will be fulfilled exactly as required. Our samples will always include bridges, walkways and specialized machine design and fabrication. All your basic fabrication needs, as well as your big end pressure vessel and cryogenic manufacturing and test requirements will be met by our fabrication facilities.


Cryogenic Facility

The cryogenic facility at Precision Metal Group is wide ranging, and includes the following among many other facilities:

  • Inspection and close examination of the vessel in order to obtain the full extent of repair needed
  • Complete workshop designed to repair the internal and external problems of the cryogenic vessel
  • Frame repairs of damaged or rusted ISO containers
  • Leakage and function test of pipework, including valves, safety systems and gauges
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak test, so that even the smallest of leaks are identified
  • Designing and installing a cryogenic pump to a vessel
  • Solving all types of vacuum problems by examining the vacuum
  • Vacuum pumping and inner vessel heating to maximize service life



We do onsite machining and turning covering all materials. Take lathe for example – with 110 mm bore, 3000mm between centers and a swing of 1000 mm over the bed, our clients can enjoy a vast range of machining capabilities. Precision Metal Group is able to consistently balance both quality and quantity thanks to 4 axis CNC machines, which allows for reduced delivery times.


Industrial and Specialized Welding and Testing

The newest service added to the resume, our industrial and specialized welding and testing is leading the way in metallurgy and weld inspector. You can now rest assured that we will effectively test all your welding requirements within Australian standards.

Some of the machines for your onsite welding repairs include Hi Tech aluminum pulse with water cooling, diesel generator welders, carbon gauging machines, portable compact TIG machines and portable compact MIG machines, among others.


Workshop Machining

Precision Metal Group is capable of doing every kind of machining, including working in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. Our experience in working on various projects for the mining industry, petroleum industry, aviation, railways and agriculture ensure that you can conduct your manufacturing business without any hiccups.


Machinery Repairs, Maintenance and Equipment Hire

We will look into any machinery troubles you might be facing, and instantly help you get your business back on track with our repair services. Moreover, you can avail our machinery maintenance services, cost reduction reporting, R&D Services and in house engineers in case you need any help. Furthermore, you can choose to hire various types of equipment should you need to, including cranes, trucks, scaffold, EWP, utes, and mobile workshops among others.


In short, we will capably take care of all your manufacturing headaches and ensure that your business is all set to reach the pinnacle of the industry. Remember that we are available for help and advice 24/7, and that we love nothing more than to see a booming business, which in turn can awaken our manufacturing industry. After all, no one wants to see the Australian shores brimming with workforce more than us.