MEDIA RELEASE – August 14, 2020

Precision Metal Group develops stretcher & mobile morgue

THE COVID-19 global pandemic has placed pressure on worldwide health resources with many countries struggling to cope with management of the deceased.
Western Sydney based Precision Metal Group (PMG) has recognised the need for a solution to this issue and has designed a system that can be built, deployed and operated in an effective, time and cost-sensitive manner.
“Our in-house designed stretcher serves a dual purpose as a stretcher and as a body tray which works in conjunction with our mobile morgue system,” said CEO Jason Elias.
The stretcher is made entirely from stainless steel, making it suitable for the medical industry, durable, easy to store and requires no assembly.
The stretcher can be carried by up to six people with a maximum payload of 120kg.
PMG has started production of the stretcher and is ready to take orders to meet demand. Pricing and capability are as follows: 250 kits per week. | Video available.