Precision Metal Group is an industry leader in Weld Testing, we have a highly qualified staff with an array of qualifications. We can support your business and ensure your weld testing is completed on budget, on schedule and to a world class standard.


Based on qualification of our employees we are doing below activities on our process:

  • WPS:Providing welding procedurespecification according AS standards and international standards
  • PQR:Procedure qualification record according AS standards and international standards
  • WQT:Welder qualification test according AS standards and international standards
  • VT:Visual inspection test
  • DPI: Dye peneterant test
  • MPI:Magnetic particle test
  • RTIl :Radiography interpretation
  • Welding inspection on all equipments
  • Welding supervision on all equipments
  • Coating and painting inspection


The main certifcates and qualification for our employees are as below:

  • CIWE:Certified International welding Engineer
  • EWE:European welding Engineer
  • CSWIP 3.2:Senior welding Inspector
  • CSSWS:Certified Structural steel welding supervisor
  • CPEWS:Certified Pressure Equipmen welding Supervisor
  • CIP level I: NACE Coating Inspector
  • VT:Visiual Testing inspection level II
  • DPI:Dye peneterant test level II
  • MPI:Magnetic particle test level II
  • RTI: Radiography testing interpretation