Welding at its best!

At Precision Metal Group our fleet of equipment is ever expanding. We regularly review our business model to ensure our customers’ requirements are met and future needs are anticipated. The right equipment ensures quality, efficiency and cost are maximized.
We are proud to introduce our latest addition to the team, the Submerged Arc Welding Machine.
This state of the art machine gives Precision Metal Group the ability to complete any longitudinal or circumferential butt and fillet welds. It is most suited to welding of tank, pressure vessel and steel structure, however the possibilities have few bounds.
The machine can handle any thickness substrate and is capable of single or multi pass producers. Gone are the days of unsightly joins with welding free of imperfections!
We are very excited and inspired to have this ground-breaking equipment on site here at Precision Metal Group. It is an invaluable asset to our ever-expanding factory.

Managing Director