PMG Aust is a registered company of the WTIA under its membership program. It is our pleasure to be a member of WTIA and we have plan to develop our cooperation with WTIA in any field such as Welder examination centre , Authorized welder examiner , training of our welders according to new system of qualification in WTIA ..

Also we hope to use corporate membership benefits to help keep us up to date and in check with the ever changing requirements of the industry. The WTIA will help our company provide you with the best service on hand and further educate our team to delivery such a service. 

We will benefit from:

  • substantial range of WTIA events, seminars, professional development and advisory services
  • regular industry updates and news
  • invitation to networking events
  • access to technical information and research material
  • opportunity to participate in industry research and development projects
  • unlimited company contacts